About Us

Rob Schauland, the founder and chief architect of Alchemy Custom Weaponry, is a world class gunsmith whose outstanding body of work and pedigree in the realm of handcrafted, custom firearms have earned him a devoted and loyal following.

One of the top 1911 experts in the field, his faithful yet innovative redesign and painstaking reproduction of the John Browning classic have resulted in a set of handmade, hand-fit guns that are every bit as precise and reliable as they are stunning.

A master of Old World Craftsmanship, Schauland’s artisanship is a prime example of American exceptionalism at its finest and is matched only by his superior work ethic, dedication to perfecting his craft, and adherence to uncompromising standards.

Our Philosophy

Become so good they can’t ignore you.  

Don’t get distracted by the latest fads

Become an apprentice to a Master

Spend a number of years to learn the basics

Become a journeyman

Add your own style – create work with little nuances

Attain Mastery

Alchemy Custom Weaponry is a division of Cabot Gun Co, LLC.

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