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The Alchemy Classic Carry 1911 by master gunsmith Rob Schauland. Strengthened by a steady diet of bald eagle protein shakes and steroid-fortified bacon, Schauland brooks no deviation from his high standards—the Classic Carry 1911 is ample proof of ACW’s near-fanatical devotion to the purity of the 1911 design.

Continuing a 30-year quest, Rob Schauland strives for one thing: to create a 1911 pistol that is everything you need… and nothing you don’t. His guiding principle is to remain true to a design that has endured for 100 years and will endure for (at least) 100 more. The blood, sweat, and tears that go into every ACW 1911 is simply not found in a mass market pistol.

On the surface, the ACW Classic Carry looks very much like a John Browning-designed original. Upon closer inspection, Schauland’s ethos becomes more apparent. ACW has crafted the ergonomics of this new pistol to feel perfect—to feel exactly how a gun should feel in your hand. The result of this exhaustive effort is a pistol frame and slide designed the way they should be, which results in the highest 1911 grip in the industry.

Please note: there may be minor cosmetic differences as the design of our parts evolves over time.

Our Classic Carry 1911 pistol reflects vintage styling cues combined with modern firearm performance enhanced by state-of-the-art ergonomics. The Classic Carry is a top-grade 1911 build that delivers the hand-crafted fit you would expect from an elite gunsmith, available with either traditional bluing or a hard chrome finish.

John Browning, known as the Father of Automatic Fire, created the 1911 design and Rob Schauland continues his life’s pursuit: devotion to improving the craft of the 1911 pistol.

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