The Prime Target

Price : $3495

Some folks are both deliberate and methodical in their approach to shooting.  To them speed is important but accuracy trumps shot timers. Always aware of the masters that came before him, Rob designed the Prime Target to be a 1911 for accurate target shooting.  The .125” wide fiber optic front sight matches perfectly with the .115” width notch on the fully adjustable rear sight to create a sight picture that cuts down excess light on either side of your front sight.  This assures that your front sight is easily centered on each shot.

Please note: there may be minor cosmetic differences as the design of our parts evolves over time.

The square trigger guard on the frame aids the shooters support hand in maintaining a constant grip pressure all the way through the trigger pull.  Flush cut barrels are an option, but any target shooter worth their salt wants as much rifling as possible when sending their rounds downrange.  Finally, no one would be caught dead with a custom 1911 from the 80’s and 90’s without a Videcki 3 hole speed trigger, and the Prime Target is no different.

The Prime Target – because any keyboard commando can act tacticool, but can they hit a bowling pin at 50 yards?

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