Alchemy Options

Alchemy Custom Weaponry is dedicated to building the best hand fit 1911’s available at a price that is within reach of most gun enthusiasts.  You can select from the following options for your ACW build. 

Finish Options


Most of our pistols come standard with a traditional Hot Salt Blue finish, with matte rounds and flat plate-satin polished flats.  Using a flat plate on the frame and/or slide allows for uniform polish marks and keeps the corners nice and straight without rounding or waves.  However, we also offer full bead blast blue standard on our Quantico Series and as a no cost option on the Prime Series.  Bluing is strikingly beautiful, but it does show wear and we recommend keeping a nice layer of oil on your pistol to preserve it for generations.  A blued pistol that is regularly shot and holstered will begin to show what we call “honest wear,” and we think there is nothing more beautiful than a well-used ACW.   It is not uncommon to see wear on the sides of a blued grip safety or a frame underneath the thumb safety, these parts do need to make contact in order to be tight.  Also, the pins and small parts are different hardness that the frame, slide and grips safety so they sometimes have a different hue under certain lighting conditions.  This is all part of the classic look of a blued pistol. We recommend you shoot the piss out of your ACW and be proud of each mark it earns at the range.  If you want it to look perfect again, we can always reblue it when it’s time for a tune up, but no one fears a man with a gun that looks unshot……

Blued with Polished Flats

Bead Blast Blue


Chroming deposits a thin layer of chromium to the surface of your pistol that adds extra protection and surface hardness of between 65-70 Rockwell.  This finish is extremely durable and differs from stainless steel by having more of a blue tint as opposed to a pure grey.  There are 3 traditional ways Chrome is used on a 1911: Frame Only 2-tone, Full Lower 2-tone, and Full Chrome.  Chrome has to be applied to a freshly prepped surface so the parts are media blasted and then immediately coated.  If polished flats are desired with this finish, the frame and or slide must be polished both before AND after the chroming process so the corners may not be as crisp as on a blued gun but the result is as stunning as it is durable.   Also, Chrome does add a small amount of surface thickness so a little bit of extra break in may be required since our guns a pretty tight.  As our resident southerner, Eli, says “Chrome Guns are Gangster.” 

Two Tone – Frame Only

Full Chrome with Polished Flats

Matte Chrome

Matte DLC (Diamond like Carbon)

Our DLC is a thin layer of carbon atoms that are first vaporized by a Plasma reactor and then adhere to the surface of the metal inside of a vacuum chamber.  The result is a very hard, black coating over the entire pistol that is nearly as hard as a diamond.  While you do need to keep a layer of oil on DLC in order to provide corrosion resistance, the coating itself is extremely durable.  Due to the method DLC is applied to our Carbon Steel pistols, it has a tendency to turn out slightly cloudy on polished flats so we only offer DLC over full matte (bead blast surfaces).     In 99% of lighting conditions, you can’t tell the visual difference between Bead Blast Blue and DLC…. so if you wanna see what it looks like…. look at the Quantico.  It looks the same.