A Limited Edition ACW Restomod

Price : $4,750

MEUSOC “Variant 3” with a Springfield Armory slides

By the 1980s, the 1911 was, unfortunately, beginning its “swan song” of mainline U.S. military service. However, even as the new I-tallian Beretta M92 came online in the mid 1980s- the 1911 refused to retire. USMC Colonel Robert Young picked up the flag of John Moses Browning and by the end of the decade, he had laid out a specific set of improvements to the M1911’s design. Now, we at ACW don’t like advocating for too many changes to Browning’s genius, but in this case, Colonel Young kept the 1911 fighting and that’s the Lord’s work. The original pistols would be built on current military-issued M1911A1s by the Marine Corps’ Precision Weapon Section. Several variants would be produced throughout its service history, all of which were hand-fit with non-interchangeable parts- a departure from the norm of the M1911’s service history up to this point in time.   

The “modern” combat automatic would derive much inspiration from the civilian custom 1911 market. While the guns changed slightly throughout different variations, the dark parkerized finish, ambi-safety, and Pachmayr grips would become staple visuals of this iconic pistol. 

The MEUSOC as we know it today would remain in service until it was “replaced” by the Colt M45A1 rail gun in 2012.

Alchemy Custom Weaponry is proud to pay tribute to the United States Marine Corps and their custom combat .45 with our vision on this iconic handgun. While visually this gun resembles a 90s warhorse, underneath this gun is all ACW. Hand fit, oversized components and expertly finished in a hard blast DLC. We’ve even stamped the King’s style thumb safety and slide with the gun’s serial, as was done on the original MEUSOC pistols. You’ll find the frame is adorned with A1-style scallops, as well as no front strap checkering in favor of the wrap-around Pachmayr grips. The mainspring housing offers a lanyard loop to make sure you don’t lose your gun while boarding a stolen cargo ship and the ring hammer is present for maximum testosterone (it’s also period correct, because the Corps’ has style). You’ll notice new ACW markings, styled after the slides used for these pistols as well as vertical cocking serrations and a fixed Harrison “Retro” rear sight. 

While the ACW MEUSOC is a collectible, 25-gun run, these guns are made to our high standards of quality and performance. From the range to ship-boarding, our MEUSOC-inspired are ready to take on whatever global threat is thrown their way.  

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The MEUSOC is a Limited Edition Restomod and only 25 will me made in 2024  If you are able to add it to your cart, that means one is available to be paid for and shipped to your FFL once complete.  The MEUSOC is a tribute to the amazing guns made by builders past but with an eye towards how we would like them to be specc’d out.  MEUSOC’s are not built to order and there are no options available for these pistols.  They are currently being built with an estimated completion date of 5/20/24

Sales tax will be added for orders shipped to PA , IN or NC

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