Quantico Carry

Price : $3775

Like its big brother, the Quantico Carry is inspired by the High Speed 1911s of the 90s but this time in a *slightly* smaller package.  We took the design of the 5″ Quantico with its square ejection port and non scalloped frame, universal rail, ambi safety, extended ledge slide stop and a flat trigger, and shortened the barrel by 3/4 of an inch to make it a bit easier to conceal.   Quantico Carry also comes with a Stan Chen Extended Magwell, Tritium Front sight, double diamond G10 grips, and black coated or bare stainless barrel standard.

Please note: shown with optional red dot mount and Trijicon SRO – there may be minor cosmetic differences as the design of our parts evolves over time.

The Bead Blast Blue finish of Qauntico Carry is completely unique in the 1911 market and retains as much of the John Browning style as possible.  However, we don’t think JMB would mind if you chose the Hard Chrome or DLC finish options.  

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