The Classic Government

Price : $4,950

“As someone who has always been drawn to older guns, I have been searching my entire life for ‘the perfect 1911’. This journey would send me across the four corners of the web, searching high and low for a gun that spoke to me in a way that appeased both my love of hard, heavy range days and my vintage emotion simultaneously. A gun that embodies the timeless, classic atmosphere, but with some of the small improvements found in the modern combat 1911. The elegance of John Moses Browning’s masterpiece refined by over a century of battle. Like Captain Ahab, I would stop at nothing to find this great white whale. Now, at long last, I have harpooned the leviathan.”

– Gen Z Sales Kid, Eli Duckworth

By the end of the Great War (the first time we kicked Germany’s ass), the Colt’s Model of 1911 was cemented into the history books as “America’s Gun”. Even as the revolver clung to popularity, the men who were forced to “live by the gun” soon realized the Colt’s .45 was THE premier choice in handguns. By this time, Colt had commercialized their automatic success, dubbed the “Government Model” to differentiate from the military’s M1911 designation. Now, every American citizen could harness the power of Browning’s Genius, purchased over the counter at your local hardware store (it was a different time, back then). 

Fast forward to 2024, and Alchemy Custom Weaponry is proud to announce the Classic Government (unfortunately, not purchased over the counter at your local hardware store). This full-sized, .45 ACP pistol is the PERFECT blend of turn of the century aesthetics and modern enhancements. The gun that gunfighters “back in the day” wish they had. 

We start this pistol with all hand fit and finished components, as you’ve come to expect with Alchemy Custom Weaponry pistols. New for this Limited Edition, is the use of a Harrison Spur Hammer and Harrison “Retro” Thumb Safety to bring about a “hot rod” look and feel to this time-defying pistol. Other features include the lack of frame scallops (as is correct for a pre-transitional period Gov’t Model), slide markings styled from a 1919 manufactured Colt, and, making its debut as a new option, ACW’s take on Cabot’s Vintage Classic finish. While the front strap does feature our 25LPI Comfort Carry checkering, the mainspring housing (ft. lanyard loop) utilizes gorgeous vertical serrations. A symbiotic blend of classic and contemporary, building on over a century of the 1911’s track record as the world’s greatest side arm. 

As with all of our RestoMods, only 25 of these gorgeous pistols will be made.

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The Classic Government is a Limited Edition Restomod and only 25 will me made in 2024  If you are able to add it to your cart, that means one is available to be paid for and shipped to your FFL once complete.  The Classic Government is a tribute to the amazing guns made by builders past but with an eye towards how we would like them to be built out.  Classic Government’s are not built to order and there are no options available for these pistols.  They  have an estimated completion date of 9/1/24.

Sales tax will be added for orders shipped to PA , IN or NC

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