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Alchemy Custom Weaponry was founded by Master Gunsmith Rob Schauland in 2011 as a classic custom 1911 shop that would perform traditional upgrades to other manufacturers’ guns at the request of customers.  When Cabot Guns hired Mr. Schauland in 2016, they worked together to design a classic, no-nonsense lineup of handmade, hand-fit, custom firearms that are a bold throwback to Old World craftsmanship and classic styling cues with modern components and reliable performance and ACW was launched as it’s own brand of custom 1911s with the first model, the Prime.

Cabot Guns’ commitment to American craftsmanship extends to ACW, and these pistols are Made in the USA from American parts using time-honored techniques.  ACW pistols represent three steps forward with one step back to a time when tradition, pride in workmanship, and a deep and unwavering commitment to the highest level of gunsmithing was not just the mandate, it was a labor of love.   

It’s in that spirit that each Alchemy 1911 is hand-fit by a team of talented gunsmiths with hand-polished ignition components, and an accuracy guarantee, all at a very reasonable price. 

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Reviews of Alchemy 1911's

Working off of decades of experience, Alchemy Custom 1911’s are built to be as reliable as they are beautiful.  We know you may not have the chance to handle or shoot an Alchemy before placing an order, so we invite you to read or watch some reviews on our pistols.  Unlike other gun companies, we build our 1911’s for YOU the shooter. That being the case, many of our reviews are from normal guys and gals posting on forums so you can see what people are really saying about Alchemy Custom Weaponry.

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