Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for delivery once I order my Alchemy 1911?

The delivery time is from 3 to 5 months from the time of order.  Your Alchemy Custom 1911 is built just for you.

What is your accuracy guarantee?

Alchemy Custom Weaponry pistols are guaranteed to an accuracy of better than 1.5 inches at 25 yards. Accuracy of any 1911 is dependent on the quality and consistency of the ammunition used

What calibers do we offer?

Our pistols are built for .45 ACP.  Other calibers are not offered.

Do you offer gunsmithing services?

No. Rob Schauland does not accept gunsmithing requests on third party pistols. Mr. Schauland dedicates his time to designing and building his vision of the 1911, the Alchemy Custom Weaponry 1911 ’s found here on this website.

What frames and slides do we use?

ACW frames and slides are unique! ACW frames and slides are designed by Master Gunsmith Rob Schauland and incorporate both traditional styling cues with ergonomic features such as a high cut front strap designed for both comfort and control perfected over many years of building custom 1911’s. ACW frames and slides are not used by any other 1911’s! ACW frames are made from U.S.A. forgings and machined here in America to our proprietary ACW print specifications. ACW slides are constructed in the U.S.A. from bar stock steel to ACW print specifications.

What components do we use?

Mr. Schauland has either designed or hand-picked each and every component that goes into an ACW. All components are made in the U.S.A.  See more specifics on individual components here in the FAQ below.

How is your grip safety made?

The ACW grip safety is machined from USA sourced 4140 grade bar stock steel.

How are ACW barrels and bushings made?

ACW barrels are made in the USA from 416R certified hammer forged stainless steel. Bushings are turned from 416 SS bar stock stainless steel.

What ignition components do we use?

ACW ignition components are constructed in-house from 420-grade stainless steel billet. The hammer, sear and strut are made precisely using EDM Wire technology machining. Disconnectors are constructed from tool steel.

What kind of trigger do we use?

What kind of trigger do we use?
The trigger used in an ACW 1911 is the best available trigger, at any price, according to Master Gunsmith Rob Schauland and a favorite among elite custom gunsmiths. The trigger design allows for a set screw set at the back of the trigger pad so there’s no hole in the face of the trigger to irritate your trigger finger.

What kind of thumb safety is used in an ACW pistol?

ACW pistols use a Cylinder & Slide Single thumb-safety.

What type of ejector and extractor and is used in an ACW 1911?

The ejector and extractor are made from 4140 bar stock steel. Both are made in the USA from an industry supplier considered to be “the best money can buy.”

Is the magazine well beveled?

Yes, magazine well is beveled. ACW pistols are meticulously gunsmith crafted 1911’s!

How do we install the plunger tube?

The Inside of an ACW frame where the plunger tube is installed is countersunk for strength and the plunger tube is staked.

What is the weight of the trigger pull?

The trigger pull weight is set at 3.5-4# or higher if desired. A 4.5# trigger is available for duty/carry use.

Is the rear of the frame, slide and extractor blended?

Of course! Barrels are hand fit and the rear of the frame and slide are blended by hand.

How many lines per inch is our checkering?

The front strap and mainspring housing are checkered at 25 LPI.  The checkering is designed for “carry comfort” with checkering at the middle smoothing to lines at the edges.  Just another unique design detail only on an ACW pistol and a trademark design of R. Schauland.

Are other options available that are not listed on the product pages?

No. The only available options are those listed on the product page.  Please do not email us to ask for options not listed.  If you do not see it offered here, it is not available.

What kind of oil should I use?
In general, Rob recommends a good quality C.L.P. such as MPro7 or Breakfree. In lieu of those, Mobil 1, Royal Purple, Redline, and Lucas Oil make fine products for keeping your gun properly lubricated. Lighter oils work best on tight guns. Thicker lubes slow down components and can lead to failures.
Does Mr. Schauland do all of the work on ACW pistols?

Rob Schauland indeed builds ACW pistols but has also trained other high-skilled and experienced gunsmiths that work by his side. Every ACW pistol is extensively reviewed and test fired and inspected by Master Gunsmith Rob Schauland. Including Rob Schauland, there are only two gunsmiths that build ACW pistols and respectively have 25 and 30 years of experience. Each gun is built by a Master!

What does Master Gunsmith Rob Schauland Eat?

It has been reported that Rob Schauland’s diet is American AF and consists entirely of bald eagle protein shakes and steroid fortified bacon.T his is 100% true and verifiable! Sincerely, Rob Schauland.