Available ACW's

All of our guns are built to order, but Rob gets a little restless and builds something he just wants to build.  When that happens those guns end up here for a VERY short time before someone adopts them.   We will ship these ACW’s out to your FFL immediately upon payment.  Before you ask.. the ONLY thing you can change on these guns is the grips….. and that’s a solid maybe at best.  Email nick@cabotguns.com or click the reserve button to take one of these beauties home.   If it ain’t here…. you gotta order it or check with one of our dealers to see if they have anything in stock.

Last Updated 3-29-20

Looks like we’ve got zero…. zilch….. nada…. nothing…. but look on the bright side: you get you order your very own!!

Prime ACW303 - 5" .45acp

An ACW Prime in the Lord’s Caliber with some sweet Ironwood Grips –  $2,790