Full Custom 1911 Builds

By Rob Schauland

We live in an off-the-shelf world. Today’s commodities offer limited choices and consumers often must settle for things that aren’t terrible, rather than getting things that are truly great. Here at Alchemy Custom Weaponry, even our so-called standard 1911 pistols are custom-built and hand fit.

Founder and Master Gunsmith Rob Schauland doesn’t believe in off-the-shelf. He is a true craftsman amid a sea of plastic knock-offs. ACW’s currently models—the Prime, Anomaly, Brimstone, and Classic Carry—are each custom designed and hand-crafted for discerning 1911 enthusiasts.

Alchemy Custom Long Slide 10mm for Donald Trump Jr.

But Rob felt the need to go further.  Think about it; a master gunsmith has opened the shop doors and said, “Come inside. Talk with me. Tell me what your dream 1911 looks and feels like, and let’s make that dream come true.”

Master Gunsmith Rob Schauland is ready to accept two or three independent commissions per year and make your dreams become reality.  Challenge us. Size. Caliber. Capacity. Features. Materials. Each gun will be a unique combination of engineering and art. Every commission will deliver a unique full-out custom 1911 build. Wait times will vary from one to two years, depending on current projects and level of detail required.

The baseline price for an ACW custom 1911 build? $7,000, with final cost dependent on the specifications agreed upon between our client and Rob, who will personally handle every aspect of your project.

Please complete the form below. Include as much detail as possible so that Rob can clearly envision your dream gun. The select few will be those custom builds that he finds uniquely interesting or that present a true challenge to produce.

We will contact you if your request is chosen.

Starting at $7,000

Lead Time: 12 Months