ACW Mammoth Ivory Grips – Light


Cross Cut Mammoth Ivory Grips for Government and Commander ACWs with or without a magwell. – Light Color Tones

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Cross Cut Mammoth Ivory Grips for Your 1911

Step up your 1911’s game with our Mammoth Ivory Grips, where timeless elegance meets the genius of JMB. Crafted from the ancient tusks of mammoths that roamed the Earth over 10,000 years ago, these grips ain’t just accessories—they’re a piece of history cradled in your hands. Each grip is hand-shaped and polished to highlight the natural, one-of-a-kind patterns of the ivory, ensuring that your piece stands out as a true original.


  • Rare and Refined: Sourced from the legendary mammoths of old, these grips connect you to the majestic creatures of yesteryear. Their rarity and historical significance make them a prized possession for any collector with a taste for the extraordinary.
  • Masterful Craftsmanship: Carved with precision and care by artisans who are true masters of their craft, these grips fit your 1911 like a glove, with edges smoothed and contours shaped for a grip that feels just right in your hand.
  • Classic Aesthetic: The natural color and patterns of the mammoth ivory, marked with soft hues and distinctive patterns, brings a level of sophistication and grace that’s right at home in any 1911 collection. The feel of real ivory in your grasp is badass.
  • Durability & Precision Fit: Age has not wearied them; these ivory grips are built to last and to be shown off, whether on the range or in the display case. Designed to fit standard 1911 models, they enhance not just the look but the very soul of your firearm (see care notes below).
  • Ethically Sourced: Our commitment to ethical sourcing means every piece of mammoth ivory is legally obtained, adhering to international conservation laws. Rest easy knowing no living creatures or habitats are harmed in making your grips.


  • Material: Stabilized Mammoth Ivory backed with Carbon Fiber
  • Fit: Tailored for Full Size or Carry ACW 1911 models with or without an extended magwell
  • Color/Pattern: Cross Cut Medium Mammoth Tusk, with each set bearing its own unique story in pattern and hue
  • Includes: One pair of grips (right and left), and grip holder for the grips when not in use

**Note:** Given the unique nature of mammoth ivory, expect variations in pattern and color that make each set distinctively yours. This uniqueness adds to the character and value of your grips, ensuring that what you hold is not just a piece of history, but a work of art.   Store these grips in a cool/dry location out of direct sunlight when not in use, and use the supplied grip backer for storage.  Do not over tighten your grips screws, and the use of rubber grip screw o-rings is encouraged to prevent damage to your grips.   Wiping down your grips with renaissance wax 2x yearly is recommended to keep your grips in tip top shape.  Stabilized mammoth ivory is ok for short range sessions, but we recommend using wood or G-10 grips for extended shooting.

ACW Mammoth Ivory Grips – Light


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