ACW Negrini Leather Case


A badass gun deserves an equally badass case, and the full leather-wrapped ACW Case from Negrini fits the bill.  Where we Americans are known for muscle cars, landing on the moon, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the 1911, the I-talians are known for their amazing leather work and this case is no exception.  With the ACW Strong Arm logo and name embossed on the cover, everyone is going to know something special is inside.  Opening up the case that has 2 locks (the same number of world wars the 1911 has won BTW) release the tasteful brown velvet interior that is perfectly fit for your pistol.    As if that weren’t enough, the inside of the lid gives a nod to the man himself, John Moses Browning.

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Like the popular 2018SR/5126 Dedicated Model 1911 handgun case, the PLX Luxury Leather finish brings this case to the next level of luxury. Features an internal compartment holding a 1911 style handgun and 2 single stack magazines. The handgun case also adapts to different barrel lengths. The 2018SPLX/6034 handgun case is designed to protect the pistol in transit, whether it is from home and to the range or on a plane coast to coast.

Since most 1911 shooters have multiple magazines and accessories, the case is designed with that in mind. Fitted compartments for the pistol magazines and other accessories. As with all Negrini cases, the new Dedicated 1911 gun cases hold more than it appears from the outside. This storage space engineering is one of the things that sets Negrini apart from other cases.

Produced using Negrini’s patented double-wall ABS construction for high strength coupled with sleek Italian design. Each case has two travel secure steel combination locks for security and a limited lifetime warranty.

  • PLX – Italian leather cover with leather-trimmed interior walls
  • White accent hand-stitching
  • Velvet padded top and velvet padded inserts
  • Two hardened steel combination locks

Fits 1911 size:

  • All Government Sizes
  • Commander Size (with full-size frame)
  • Will fit smaller Compact (with modifications)

ACW Negrini Leather Case


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