(Formerly Known as The Brimstone)

Price : $3350 

Good things come in small packages and the Prime Compact is ours.  Designed for optimal concealment, it’s a CCO- sized pistol for the ages that features a compact sized frame mated to a Commander sized slide, making it the perfect choice for concealed carry or home defense. And Alchemy’s exclusive Carry Comfort checkering and high cut ensure that even the largest of hands fit the compact sized grip and provide plenty of control in all conditions. All together they make for such a superbly-crafted, high-performance pistol that it’s almost a shame to hide it. But that’s up to you.

Check out video reviews of the Prime Compact below:

Please note: there may be minor cosmetic differences as the design of our parts evolves over time.

Steeped in tradition, Prime Compact is our archetype of what a Compact-size 1911 is all about; everything you need and nothing you don’t.  Constructed with frames and slides designed by Alchemy and hand fit to elite gunsmith standards.  The embodiment of ergonomics such as the highest grip rise in the industry developed through 30 years of dedication to the art of the custom 1911, the Prime Compact is a joy to both hold and behold.  

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