Quantico HiCap

Price : $3895

In a world filled with crazy race guns covered in serrations, we choose a different route.  Quantico HiCap embodies the classic styling of the 1911, combined with the quality gunsmithing Alchemy Custom Weaponry, to create high capacity pistol that is completely classic yet fully modern.   From the Flush cut and crowned barrel to the HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) flush cut slide stop, this pistol is exactly what you could imagine at the side of an Operator anytime from the 1990’s to today.

This pistol features our accuracy guarantee of better than 1.5” at 25 yards, an Ambi Thumb Safety, Red Fiber Optic Front Sight, extended Slide Stop, and an oversized Mag Release Button. The Bead Blast Blue finish is completely unique in the 1911 market and retains as much of the John Browning style as possible.  However, we don’t think JMB would mind if you chose the Hard Chrome or DLC finish options.  


Quantico HiCap – the cure for the common doublestack.  

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