Prime Charcoal Blue


The Charcoal Blue adds a heritage-level finish to the classic design and modern performance of Prime,  with a full hand polish on the flats and rounds, charcoal bluing on the slide and frame, High Polish Blue PVD small parts, flush cut and crowned barrel, and American Holly grips.

Digital images cannot capture the visual magic of Charcoal blue, but if you’ve seen this finish on an heirloom Colt, crafted from a bygone era, you will never forget it. Doug Turnbull’s meticulous artistry reproduces this same breathtaking finish on the Prime Charcoal Blue. The process involves several hours of hand polish preparations, over and above a regular Prime model, followed by the treatment of metal parts, which are placed in a gas-fired furnace along with their secret recipe that includes animal bone and sperm whale oil. The mirror-like bluing captures the heart while producing a hard-wearing finish.

The high polished blue PVD thumbs safety and slide stop compliment the Charcoal Blue finish and create an enduring 1911 that will always perform and never go out of style. The Charcoal Blue Prime is a pistol both you and your family can cherish for generations to come.

Steeped in tradition, the Prime is the archetype of what a full-size 1911 is all about: everything you need and nothing you don’t. Constructed with frames and slides designed by R. Schauland and hand fit to elite gunsmith standards, the Prime family of pistols all feature the embodiment of 1911 ergonomics, including the highest grip rise in the industry, developed through thirty years of dedication to the art of the custom 1911.

Prime pistols are small production firearms that are a joy to both hold and behold, with a finish that is organic and unique to each pistol. This individuality ensures each Prime owner can customize their 1911 to taste using an array of options (please see below for available choices).

Performance, accuracy, and beauty. Prime Charcoal Blue.

The gallery below illustrates distinctive options available for Alchemy’s Prime 1911s, all of which are built to the exacting standards of Alchemy Custom Weaponry.

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