Prime Elite

Price : $3775

Meet our flagship offering the Prime Elite a deluxe version of the ACW Prime a pistol that represents the craft of traditional Pistolsmithing at its finest. Built for you from experienced hands, Prime Elite features a fit and finish that comes from 30-years of dedicated experience.  Built for performance with a full range of custom 1911 features including the Stan Chen one piece extended magwell and custom touches including flush cut and crowned barrel, a superbly fit gold bead front sight and flush cut slide stop. 

Shown with optional Figured Walnut Grips. Please note: there may be minor cosmetic differences as the design of our parts evolves over time.

The front strap of the Prime Elite is adorned with carry comfort checkering. This unique checkering eliminates uncomfortable sharp edges with purposely smooth transitions along the side of the front strap. Yet, the center core area engages your fingers for exceptionally effective grip. This design results in no sacrifice of shooting grip and stability with no discomfort from sharp edges on your hand or on your body when carrying inside the waistband.

Optional Full Chrome Finish, Figured Walnut Grips and Script Delete (Old Magwell Style)

Prime Elite Carry Full Matte Chrome Finish with American Holly Grips (New Stan Chen Magwell)

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ACWs are not available in CA or MA. All pistols are shipped to an FFL for 4473 and background check.  Sales tax will be added for orders shipped to PA, IN and NC


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