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We know you want to rock some gear along with your 1911, so are adding ACW SWAG as fast as we can! Magazines, Hats and Patches are shipped by ACW next business day.  Shirts and other apparel are shipped direct from the manufacturer and typically arrive in 2 weeks… it’s better this way… we are both happier that our time is spent making guns instead of shirts.

20 Round 9mm Hicap Magazine
20 Round 9mm Hicap Magazine
20 Round 9mm Hicap Magazine

ACW Double Stack Magazines

20 Round (140mm) 9mm stainless steel tuned magazines for Quantico HiCap.  Will also work on Staccato/STI 2011 series guns.  -$89.99

Government/Commander 45acp
Government/Commander 9mm
Officer 45acp

ACW Single Stack Magazines

Select your caliber and model below.


ACW Strong Arm Hat

Sport the ACW Strong Arm Logo on your dome.  One size fits all. – $24.95

ACW Strong Arm Beanie

You too can look pensively into the distance like our Millenial Sales Guy while sporting the ACW Knit Cap.  One size fits all. – $19.95

ACW Flag Swag

Get your ‘Murica on with Some ACW Apparel

Multiple Styles/Colors Available

All Orders Ship within 2 weeks from our Fullfillment Partner – Ballistic Ink